Hey everyone,

I’m Sam Jones, Founder of DataTube.

Real estate marketing collateral has been an essential part of the real estate industry for years. It should be a pleasure to create and share beautiful, effective presentations, reports, listings and brochures.


Yet, somehow, it’s turned into something less inspiring.

For too long, the process of creating marketing collateral has been dominated by traditional platforms like RealBase, Campaign Track, RealHub, Red HQ, and even Canva. They’ve brought innovation to a point, but also complexity and limitations that stifle creativity and efficiency.

You’ve experienced it—juggling multiple tools that don’t quite fit together, facing steep learning curves and even steeper costs. The creativity you once enjoyed has been bogged down by technical processes and clunky interfaces.

But imagine a world where creating marketing materials is as easy and intuitive as crafting a beautiful design on Canva, combined with the power and precision tailored specifically for real estate professionals. That world is now a reality.

We at DataTube have reimagined the way real estate marketing collateral is created. Our platform is a fusion of the best elements you love and the specific tools you need. We’ve streamlined the process, making it more intuitive, more flexible, and yes, even enjoyable.

With DataTube, you’re not just keeping up; you’re standing out. It’s designed to be so user-friendly that you’ll spend more time connecting with clients and less time navigating software. Whether you’re drafting a quick property listing or an in-depth marketing campaign, DataTube makes it effortless.

This isn’t just an upgrade. It’s a revolution—a complete rethink of what it means to create real estate marketing collateral. DataTube is your new starting point for everything creative in real estate.

DataTube is our commitment to redefining the industry standards, and we’re excited to bring it to you on all your favourite devices.

Here’s to the future of real estate marketing — simplified, empowered, and beautifully designed.

Stay tuned.

Sam Jones
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